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A love of candles inspires all the products made by Cereria Ceratina.
Producing exclusively in Private Label, with Full Service and Third Party, for over 100 years the customer is supported at all stages.
Cereria Ceratina is a partner of prestigious Brandsnationwideand
international,making of theMade in Italya philosophy of creativity.

The creation of a candle in 8 steps


The client, after sharing his or her idea with the team of marketing and fragrance experts, will interface with the project managers who will put their expertise at his or her disposal to guide him or her toward the realization of the project.

Study and analysis

The product manager will be responsible for defining and detailing the concretization of the idea and design and the opportunities of the new implementation.


Supported by useful renderings to visualize the idea of the finished product and carefully designed fragrances by expert evaluators, the project manager, assisted by designers, laboratory technicians and the Regulatory Compliance Specialist, will develop a design in line with the brand identity by paying attention to graphic and olfactory consistency.


Following creative development, the project enters full production.


The production department, thanks to innovative certified machinery, and experienced craftsmen's hands proceeds to the production of candles ensuring the highest professionalism and quality.

Filling and confectioning

The filling department specializes in providing fully automated services or with manual accuracy depending on the customer's needs and the preciousness of the product. Each candle is then packed in its own packaging and a final touch is reserved for cellophaning. All this is done while always adhering to strict quality controls in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).


The production department, in cooperation with the logistics department, provides palletizing of goods to ensure that products can be shipped worldwide.

The candles

The idea has become a reality and is ready to be commercialized
On the international market since 1919, Ceratina Waxworks
is a family business that lives guided by the passion and professionalism gained over the years.

Full Service

With this service, the client is assisted in the entire production process: from the study of the fragrance, to the creation of the packaging to the delivery of the finished product.

Third Party Account

With the Third Party service, the customer is assisted in the production, filling and packaging stages, ensuring support where required.

Values and Experience

For over 100 years, we have been producing candles with love and passion proudly in Italy and Europe.
Production capacity of 5,000 pieces per day.
Total area of 1,500sqm.

For more than 100 years, we have been producing candles all over the world.

High production standards and flexible contract and full service enable us to support customers from conception to finished product realization.

Collaboration with DA MEDA

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